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Brow guidelines for every woman

brow+guidelines+for+every+woman_3356_800090494_0_0_7010016_300While finding one's perfect arch may often be based on facial measurements and face shape, it seems that there are some overarching guidelines that women should stick to when tweezing their brows.

Most gals who desire strong, full brows have one idol and one idol alone - Brooke Shields - but there may be a few minor improvements that Shields could make to craft even lovelier arches.

"It's hard to bash the 'Brooke Shields brow,'" beauty expert Sarah Uslan told MSN's Glo. "However, if her brows were a little bit more arched, yet still full, her face would look more lifted and awake."

Ladies should also pay attention to brow color, as Uslan notes when looking at a picture of Gwyneth Paltrow, whose light arches are barely visible against her fair skin.

"This is a case of camouflage brow," Uslan added. "She needs a tint. Brows frame the face, so if they're barely there, your best features can become lost."

Women who want to tint their brows can use blinc Eyebrow Mousse, a long-lasting formula designed to naturally darken (or lighten) one's eyebrows while filling in sparse patches.