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Brow shape may influence how you are perceived

brow+shape+may+influence+how+you+are+perceived_3356_800201262_0_0_7035423_300While brow shape is often thought of as an aesthetic choice that can enhance your overall look, it seems that your arches also affect how others perceive you. O Magazine and brow expert Eliza Petrescu recently made over a few women's arches to best enhance their face and help them to convey positive perceptions.

"Short brows make all your features seem closer together, which creates a tense expression," Petrescu told the news source. Brows can be filled in with an eyebrow mousse, which will help cover sparse areas and create a stronger arch.

And, while many makeup artists praise the beauty of bold brows, women should remember not to go overboard when creating full arches. At times, dark brows can be too severe and detract from a woman's overall look.

Angela Maria Santana, 50, sported bold brows that, according to Petrescu, made her look angry. To ameliorate the problem, Petrescu slightly lightened the brows and waxed away some hairs near the brow bone.

"People always complimented my strong brows - I realize now it was because they were the first thing you saw," Angela Maria Santana, 50, told the news source after her brow makeover. "Now you'll see me."