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Brows are like confidence: Fake it until you make it

brows+are+like+confidence+fake+it+until+you+make+it_3356_800489497_0_0_7070086_300Strong, bold brows are a hot commodity in the world of beauty, but for many women, being blessed with naturally thick arches is less of a reality than a distant ideal.

Perhaps you overplucked in your youth and you're dealing with the consequences, or maybe you just had a mishap with the tweezers and are waiting for their return. Some ladies have naturally sparse brows, and still others may be undergoing chemotherapy and could use some expert guidance to help rebuild their confidence.

Cancer survivor and celebrity makeup artist Tim Quinn told the Kansas City Star that slow, steady increments of 45-degree angles will help you recreate the shape of your natural brow. Quinn recommends starting at the side of your nose (almost parallel to the inner corner of your eye) and rotate the pencil 45 degrees towards your temple to locate the arch. Continue with another 45 degree sweep toward the outer edge of your eye to find where it should end. Feather in some shape and color to complement your face and natural skin tone.

Pencils aren't entirely foolproof, however, often betraying you through slips and smudges throughout the day. If you want high-performance color that can outlast anything, use blinc Eyebrow Mousse for unparalleled hold. The patented water-resistant formula adds color and volume to sparse-looking brows while lending conditioning and anti-aging properties to the skin below.