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Brows coming at you in a big way for fall

brows+coming+at+you+in+a+big+way+for+fall_3356_800242599_0_0_7035423_300Forget over-plucked eyebrows - this fall's hottest trends include strong, bold brows.

It's not the first time women have been told to avoid thin arches, and for good reason. A sparse brow can lend you an unnatural, startled look, when instead, your arches should attractively frame your face.

Glamour.com announced that big brows are beautiful this fall and offered some advice on achieving the look.

"Put down the tweezers," the news source recommends. If you've overdone it in the past, give your brows a chance to grow in a bit on their own. However, women with naturally sparse arches can use specialized products to fake a fuller-looking brow.

A product like blinc Eyebrow Mousse can enhance your brows quickly and easily. It will add color and volume to your arches, and its long-lasting water-resistant formula also has beneficial moisturizing and anti-aging properties for the surrounding skin.

The mousse can be the quickest way to achieve a perfect brow line that will stay put even in a downpour.