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Cop Megan Fox's voluptuous Golden Globes makeup style

cop+megan+fox+s+voluptuous+golden+globes+makeup+style_3356_800356187_0_0_7018369_300Megan Fox's makeup at the 2011 Golden Globes on Sunday was nothing short of award-winning, and fortunately for us, her makeup artist spilled some of her secrets.

To create Megan's sultry look, artist Monika Blunder drew a heavy line of black liquid eyeliner onto her top lids, starting out thin by the inner corners and ending with a thick line toward the edges. She then swept dark pink and purple eyeshadow over her lids and along her lower lash line, finishing with a couple coats of volumizing mascara, People.com reports.

For lips and cheeks, Blunder used a rose and raspberry blush combination for a natural, flushed look and a shimmery champagne-colored lipstick, according to the news source.

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