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Emphasize your brows before a glamorous night out

emphasize+your+brows+before+a+glamorous+night+out_3356_800080633_0_0_7053729_300When preparing for a glamorous event, women often rely on a smoky eye or bold lip to create an unforgettable look. However, some ladies may want to consider emphasizing another feature instead - their brows.

"At the Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps premiere in New York City, Carey Mulligan was amidst a lot of heavyweight actors," Georgie Eisdell, Mulligan's makeup artist, told InStyle.com. "As one of the only females in the movie, I wanted her to stand out and have a sexy edge to her look."

To do this, the news source reports that Eisdell forwent the typical makeup applications in favor of highlighting the actress' eyebrows. "I extended and slightly darkened Carey's brows using a blond eye shadow," Eisdell added.

However, if you are preparing for a long night out, you may prefer a product that is built to last, like blinc Eyebrow Mousse. This lightweight formula, which clings to each individual hair to create fuller, more luxurious brows, is water-resistant, so it won't smudge or fade no matter where the night takes you.