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Examining the various benefits of eyebrow threading

examining+the+various+benefits+of+eyebrow+threading_3356_800724853_0_0_7040300_300If you're tired of waxing your eyebrows and relying on eyeliner pencils to bail you out after over-plucking, you might want to try threading. Eyebrow threading is growing in popularity as more women look for perfection when sculpting their brows. With structured eyebrows, the rest of your look will come together with liquid eyeliner and tube mascara.

The process of eyebrow threading involves 100 percent cotton string - no tweezers or waxing strips. The threads are twisted over individual hairs, then pulled to remove them from their follicles. Many people prefer this method to plucking and waxing because it does not irritate the skin or damage the follicles once the hair is removed.

Many salons now offer eyebrow threading as an alternative to other hair removal methods. Once you have the perfect brows, the next step is to treat them with the eyebrow mousse from blinc.

The eyebrow mousse is designed to apply a little bit of color to your brows and fill in any gaps. It can also reduce signs of aging and put the final touches on your look before you head out the door.