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Eyebrow Mousse: The perfect product for gals with black hair

While raven-haired beauties are often praised for their lush locks and equally striking eyebrows, ladies with dark hair can often run into an unfortunate problem when enhancing their brows.

According to Allure magazine, it can be exceptionally difficult for women with black tresses to find a brow product that matches their hair. "Typically, brow pencils come in only taupe and brown...neither of which looks natural on black hair," the news source reports.

However, women with dark arches aren't totally out of luck, though they may want to put down the pencil. Instead, gals should pick up blinc Eyebrow Mousse to emphasize their arches. The lightweight formula enhances brows without appearing severe or overdone, and even conditions the skin beneath the brows.

Best of all? It's available in a wide range of shades, including Black and Dark Brunette, and won't smudge or fade, which is a blessing for those with dark arches and pale skin. After all, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your brow makeup is running!