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Eyeliner tips that will shine at your holiday party

eyeliner+tips+that+will+shine+at+your+holiday+party_3356_800662470_0_0_14032708_300When you're looking for the perfect style for your upcoming office holiday party, you probably don't want to go over the top. Luckily, there are a number of ingenious ways to use liquid eyeliner and tube mascara to create a dazzling look that is sure to get rave reviews, according to Glamour.com.

If you're going to be wearing a bold lip color for your holiday bash, treat your eyes as your means of highlighting the rest of your look. Use a thin layer of liquid eyeliner to give your eyes added definition, and then use a soft eyeshadow to create shadowing on your inner creases and near your brow bone.

Conversely, if you're sporting a softer lip color, your eyes will immediately become the focal point of your look. Winged eyeliner has become a chic choice for many fashionistas, and you can choose to simply use a thin layer or flick it upwards to create an attention-grabbing look.

Best of all, if you use blinc liquid eyeliner, it is water-resistant so it won't smudge or fade throughout your busy evening, so you can concentrate on socializing instead of running to the bathroom to fix up your look!