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Finding the right liquid eyeliner for an active lifestyle

finding+the+right+liquid+eyeliner+for+an+active+lifestyle_3356_800757719_0_0_7004885_300Many women play sports as a primary form of exercise, whether it's with a community league or just with their friends. However, it can be tough to look glamorous while you're bringing your A-game if you don't have the right liquid eyeliner and makeup.

Regardless of whether you play softball with a local team or you just shoot hoops on the weekends, you'll want to be prepared to sweat - as well as what working out can do to your looks.

To make sure you look fabulous while you put in a full effort, bring oil pads to your game. They can easily be stored in your purse or workout bag, then pulled out whenever you need to remove excess oil from your radiant face.

Think about bringing a towel with you as well to blotch away any sweat. While this can help improve your complexion, it can also prevent the development of breakouts and blemishes.

Finally, wear the right makeup - blinc's liquid eyeliner and tube mascara are perfect for any active lifestyle. They are composed of a no-run, no-smudge formula, meaning you don't have to worry about sweating it out and ruining your makeup.