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Flapper-esque makeup for spring 2011

flapper+esque+makeup+for+spring+2011_3356_800127786_0_0_13084_300Fashion Week is always packed with a plethora of looks, and it can be tricky to select the trends that are sure to be big in the upcoming season. And at the Louis Vuitton show, models boasted a dramatic look that, with a bit of tweaking, will translate well from the runway and into real life.

While spectators may have been expecting bright-colored makeup to ring in spring, they were instead treated to models that resembled 1920s flappers, with dark lipstick, penciled-in brows and shoulder-sweeping earrings. Their hair was pulled back into a twist and featured long, side-swept bangs.

Though this look was engineered for the runway, women can prepare to rock a flapper-esque style come spring 2011. Instead of severe side parts and earrings that hang past their shoulders, ladies can don a more relaxed hairstyle and wear chandelier earrings that fall by their chin.

When applying makeup, women don't have to rock highly saturated dark pouts and heavily lined brows - gals can wear a berry-colored lip stain and enhance their arches with eyebrow mousse, a light weight product that will emphasize brows without overwhelming one's face.