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For eyeshadow that will never crease again

for+eyeshadow+that+will+never+crease+again_3356_800530714_0_0_7042633_300Tired of eyeshadow that crumples up like your 150-thread count sheets on a sleepless night? The last thing you need is eye makeup that won't hold true to your higher beauty ideals, so here's a few steps you can take to get smooth, crease-free lids every time.

The beauty experts at Allure.com recommend testing eyeshadow on your wrist to determine whether it's prone to makeup mishaps throughout the day. If you bend your hand back and forth several times only to discover tell-tale creases on your wrist, chances are you should keep the search going. This same basic strategy can apply to virtually any makeup product, up to and including eyeliner, which you can lightly smudge on your hand to see how it will hold up on your lid.

If you're not so game for skipping out on your favorite eyeshadows over a bit of faulty product design, use blinc Eyeshadow Phase One to get uniformly budge-proof results, no matter which dollar-store shadow you feel like wearing today. The formula is designed to provide a steadfast base for eye makeup that won't crease or smudge throughout the day.