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Get bronzed without hitting the beach

get+bronzed+without+hitting+the+beach_3356_800269958_0_0_7051329_300Technology evolves quickly, and so does style - though certain looks keep coming back for a reason. As for the Bronze Age, it'll never be archaic, at least when it comes to eye makeup.

Mila Kunis demonstrated this all too well with minxy metallic eyes at a recent event. Kunis wore shimmery shadow in lovely pink and bronze tones that she swept on her upper and lower lids.

She used a bit of gold shadow to highlight the inner corners of her eyes and her bottom lash line. To finish off the sultry look, she applied soft warm pinks on her lips and cheeks and paired with a strong brow. Finally, she used a couple coats of black mascara to create subtle spidery lashes on both upper and lower lids.

Luckily for all, bronze and gold eyeshadow flatters just about any woman, so creating this beachy glow is not far beyond your grasp.

If you weren't naturally blessed with thick, beautiful brows, you can complete the look with blinc Eyebrow Mousse. The formula comes in a variety of natural colors to match your hair, and will restore fullness to sparse brows.