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Go bold like Emma Stone with a liquid eyeliner pen and lash curler

go+bold+like+emma+stone+with+a+liquid+eyeliner+pen+and+lash+curler_3356_800683877_0_0_14020380_300If you feel like your makeup isn't doing justice to your face, you might want to change up your cosmetics and look for a little inspiration from Hollywood. After all, celebrities have access to the best makeup artists in the business.

Take a few cues from actress Emma Stone, for instance. Recently, the star showed up at the 17th Annual Critic's Choice Movie Awards with a glamorous look that any woman would envy. Stone's rosy lip gloss paired well with the bold, black eyeliner she had around her stellar eyes.

If you want a similar look without going to a professional to do your face, you might want to think about picking up blinc's lash curler and liquid eyeliner pen. These two cosmetics are all you need to look like a star.

The lash curler is a great way to give your lashes curve and make your eyes appear bigger than they really are. In combination with the liquid eyeliner pen, you can create a bold look that will turn heads, whether you're on a red carpet or walking down the sidewalk.