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Going light with liquid eyeliners and tube mascara can make you look like a celeb

going+light+with+liquid+eyeliners+and+tube+mascara+can+make+you+look+like+a+celeb_3356_800692382_0_0_13442_300Women who want to pick up liquid eyeliner tips to help them refine their makeup routine might want to spend some time watching red carpet events. Celebrities have access to the best makeup artists in the business, so it's no wonder they're gorgeous when attending everything from award shows to movie premieres.

One celebrity who recently showed up in style to the premiere of W.E. in New York City was Madonna. In addition to wearing an eye-popping black velvet gown with lace embellishments, the pop star chose to go light on the makeup to show off her natural beauty.

Madonna seemingly knows no age, and her choice of makeup at the event proved it. Instead of trying to cover her imperfections, the singer wore nothing more than a little eyeliner, silver eyeshadow and mascara.

If you want to take a cue from pop's finest, think about incorporating blinc's tube mascara and liquid eyeliners into your makeup routine. These cosmetics are all you need to look like a celebrity on a red carpet. You may not be Madonna, but you can look like her with the right makeup!