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How to hide signs of over-plucking with eyebrow mousse

how+to+hide+signs+of+over+plucking+with+eyebrow+mousse_3356_800705452_0_0_7035423_300There is nothing worse than over-plucking your eyebrows, primarily because it can take weeks for them to grow back into place. If you recently had a slip-up while shaping your brows, there are a couple of ways to do damage control until they grow back. First and foremost, it starts with the eyebrow mousse from blinc.

The eyebrow mousse is designed to help you add color to your brows to fill in those gaps where hair may be missing. Best of all, it contains nutrients that can provide your skin with anti-aging benefits.

Next, Cosmopolitan magazine recommends using a clean mascara wand to feather the remaining hair and create volume. This can help you develop the illusion of a brow until the hair grows back.

Finally, consider making slight changes to your diet to increase hair growth. Teen Vogue reports that foods full of vitamins B and C can promote growth and potentially shorten the time it takes for your brows to return. It can be difficult to hide over-plucking, but these tips can make sure that you look fabulous as your hair grows back.