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In hot pursuit of Anne Hathaway's glittery lashes

in+hot+pursuit+of+anne+hathaway+s+glittery+lashes_3356_800439455_0_0_14008375_300Okay, so maybe it was hard to keep track of Anne Hathaway's gazillion costume swaps at Sunday's Academy Awards show, but did you or did you not immediately devote your rapt attention to the screen when she kicked off the ceremony with those sparkly lashes?

It was hard to tell whether she had chunks of sparkles in her eyeliner or if they were actually part of her mascara, but whatever it was, Anne had an extra special twinkle in her eye each time she batted those perfect porcelain doll lashes at us.

According to BellaSugar.com, makeup artist Kate Lee added some "diamante lash clusters" to Anne's lashline, which, if it's what it sounds like, could be the secret behind her fairytale look.

Either way, ladies at home can recreate her twinkle with some loose glitter applied to wet black liquid eyeliner. A winged, cat-eyed look works best with this trick, so extend the liner out past the corners of your eyes.

Of course, the unsung heroes of all of Anne's Oscars makeup success were her perfectly arched brows. Pair any glittery look with some blinc Eyebrow Mousse to add color and volume to sparse-looking brows.