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It's never too late to play with your makeup

it+s+never+too+late+to+play+with+your+makeup_3356_800491849_0_0_14012677_300So many of us grow up only to forget our once youthful, childlike curiosity. Remember those long afternoons spent playing in your mama's makeup cabinet? You'd never go for those colors now, but what's stopping you? A sense of being too old? To that, we say, pshh.

Fun and vibrant eye makeup colors are perfectly acceptable for grownups, as long as you're not still using the same application techniques as when you were 5. That being said, here's a couple ways to do a grown-up take on whimsical colors.

Glamour.com recently pointed out that Selena Gomez does a great job with this balancing act. Her secret? "Use the brightest color along your lashes," the news source suggests.

Shadows can also look off when they smudge and crease throughout the day, which can make that teal shimmery dust look all kinds of wrong once it's endured the stress of your workday. To combat this issue, apply blinc Eyeshadow Phase One as a base - consider it your insurance against any form of budging.