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Lashes, brows, shadows, oh my: Balancing your eye makeup equation

lashes+brows+shadows+oh+my+balancing+your+eye+makeup+equation_3356_800474926_0_0_14011504_300Thick feathery lashes have always been a big deal, and strong, bold brows are equally in vogue. Tie those in with the staggering array of eye shadow colors to choose from, and you've got an equation that requires a delicate balancing act.

You want to be able to emphasize your assets without going overboard, we get it. Sometimes going heavy on all three things can be too much, so how do you know where to draw the line?

Consider the following - strong brows can enhance your looks in virtually any situation, so in most cases, you'll be swapping either the dark dramatic shadow or the extra thick fringe. Then again, what better way to keep a smokey eye looking demure and understated than by going for a minimal look with your lashes and brows?

The latter is a great exception for the nighttime, but a great staple for your everyday look would entail the exact opposite - emphasize your natural features and let some light shimmery shadows do their job.

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