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Learning to apply and wear black liquid eyeliner on a regular basis

learning+to+apply+and+wear+black+liquid+eyeliner+on+a+regular+basis_3356_800725660_0_0_7023445_300If you're interested in wearing liquid eyeliner to complement your tube mascara, you might want to think about going with jet black. Although many people feel that wearing black liquid eyeliner can create a dramatic look that isn't necessary on a daily basis, wearing just the right amount can keep you from looking too bold.

The first step toward learning to wear black eyeliner and pulling it off on a regular basis is to use a reliable brand. Cheap liquid eyeliner will only yield unsatisfying results, no matter how much you practice putting it on. Pick up blinc's liquid eyeliner to make sure you have the right tool to create a beautiful look.

Next, think about steering clear of applying black eyeliner on your lower lid until you see how it works with your skin tone. If you have fair skin, you might want to try brown liquid eyeliner first to avoid creating an over-the-top appearance.

Finally, wear tube mascara with your liquid eyeliner to pull your look together. This will make your eyes bolder and give your lashes some much-needed volume and length.