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Liquid eyeliner tips for your lower lash line

You probably know that the perfect smoky eye calls for liquid eyeliners to be perfectly blended on both the upper and lower lash lines. But have you mastered the art of application yet?

Glamour Magazine's beauty blog has a few words of wisdom from a celebrity makeup artist who might be able to help you figure out exactly how to get that perfectly-blended eyeliner.

First of all, a sultry smoky eye requires a dense, soft-bristled smudging brush that will quickly and easily blend a bit of dark shadow over your liquid eyeliner. This will ensure that there is a soft effect. When you're blending, use the brush to smudge the shadow a bit past the outer corner of your eye, so it can meet up with the shadow on top.

Next, use a lash curler from blinc to define your lashes and give them a bold curl. Follow up with a coat of lash primer, which will extend your lashes and prepare them for tube mascara. Finally, apply two coats of the tube mascara, combing your lashes in between coats to ensure that they're feathery - not spidery.