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Makeup styles to avoid when heading out on a big date

makeup+styles+to+avoid+when+heading+out+on+a+big+date_3356_800707988_0_0_14005915_300With a big date on the horizon, you may start to stress out about your makeup. According to Glamour.com, there are a few common cosmetic styles that can scare men away, so it's best to let your natural complexion shine through and simply opt for liquid eyeliner and a bit of tube mascara.

While your shimmering lipstick may give you a boost of confidence, using a bit too much may cause your look to go from pretty to trashy very quickly. Instead, opt for a simple lip gloss or a matte lipstick for a cool and composed look. Just make sure it doesn't have glitter - guys hate having a face full of glitter at the end of the night!

As your put on your foundation and powder, you may want to try and cover up every imperfection, but this could be a major turn-off. Not only will you look extremely high-maintenance, but he may be wondering what you look like under all that stuff!

Before you head out on your big date, use a bit of concealer to hide any big problems and use some neutral eye makeup. After all, if you're hiding the way you really look, you'll never know if he really likes you for who you are!