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Making sure your liquid eyeliner stays in place

making+sure+your+liquid+eyeliner+stays+in+place_3356_800746494_0_0_14052084_300Whether you prefer liquid eyeliner or pencil, it can be tough to apply your eyeliner perfectly the first time around. Many women like to add it liberally initially, then wipe away their mistakes with a cotton ball or Q-Tip.

However, there are a couple of ways you can improve your chances of applying liquid eyeliner correctly the first time around. First, BecomeGorgeous.com recommends starting with a primer. This can make sure that once it's on, your liquid eyeliner will stay in place.

Next, it's best to start on the outer corner of your eye and work your way inward. This can improve your chances of applying it accurately and reduce the need to fix errors in the end.

Finally, think about investing in blinc's liquid eyeliner in order to make sure your look flawless on a daily basis. Liquid eyeliner from blinc is designed to never run or smudge, and it will stay put for however long you need to wear it. Top it all off with tube mascara to give your eyes a dramatic look that is perfect for both the office and nights out on the town.