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Making the easy decisions early in the wedding planning process

making+the+easy+decisions+early+in+the+wedding+planning+process_3356_800699407_0_0_7051798_300If you were one of the many women who was proposed to over the holidays, chances are, you're already getting excited about the big day. There is an ample amount of planning that needs to go into making a wedding truly memorable, and forgetting one little thing can completely throw an event off.

However, you can make it easier on yourself by answering the simple questions early in the planning process. By getting these easy-to-answer questions out of the way, you can take care of a number of decisions and make sure nothing is put off until the end.

First, determine what type of wedding you want to have - outdoor or indoor. There are pros and cons to both, but making this decision early on can give you an opportunity to start focusing on a specific location or venue.

Next, create a solid number of guests that you would like to attend. Deciding whether you want to allow a plus-one can also simplify the invitation process.

Finally, choose the right makeup for your big day prior to your dress. Doing so is as easy as picking up blinc's liquid eyeliners and lash primer. Don't forget to look up a few liquid eyeliner tips prior to your wedding to make sure you look stunning!