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Meet up with an old friend with confidence

meet+up+with+an+old+friend+with+confidence_3356_800679580_0_0_14037145_300If you're meeting up with a friend who you haven't seen in a long time, chances are you're a little nervous about becoming re-acquainted. After all, a lot can change just over the course of a few years. People get married, change jobs and even have children - all of which can take a toll on your looks.

You might only have a few wrinkles and a couple of strands of gray hair, but every woman wants to look her best, especially when seeing someone for the first time in a while. The key to making a memorable first impression is to keep it simple. While there's no rule that says you can't cover up those lines with foundation, caking it on might make you seem self-conscious.

If you're concerned about your grays, give your hair a quick dye job at home with a product found at your local drug store. This is a cheaper, effective alternative to making an appointment at the salon.

Finally, don't forget to use your lash curler and liquid eyeliner pen on the big day. A lash curler can make your eyes more noticeable, while a liquid eyeliner pen can bring together a bold look.