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One mistake you could be making when plucking your brows

If you pluck your eyebrows on a regular basis, you're probably familiar with the small amount of pain involved. Some of those little hairs don't want to be removed, and it can really hurt to rip them out. However, if you're contorting your brows or wincing in pain as you pluck, you might be doing yourself a disservice, reports Allure Magazine.

"Lifting your brows distorts their natural shape and throws off the symmetry you want," one professional brow groomer told the magazine. You might be over-plucking or creating the wrong shape as the result of stretching out your brows or raising them up. Try relaxing your face when you pluck and be sure not to get too close to the mirror - as focusing on one area too closely can make you lose focus when it comes to the big picture.

If you can't relax your brows because of the pain, try numbing the area with an ice cube before you begin. Of course, if you somehow managed to take away a bit more hairs than you originally intended, blinc's eyebrow mousse can help you get them back to normal. Plus, the conditioning formula will help to soothe and nourish the skin underneath.