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Operating on a grayscale

operating+on+a+grayscale_3356_800491851_0_0_14003455_300When you think of eye makeup looks of a certain color, do you automatically envision yourself using one monochromatic shade? If that's the case, we're asking you think in shades of gray (somewhat literally).

Not that there's anything wrong with a basic, one-color shadow look - one of this season's hottest trends involves neon pastels, drawn on as one thick band along the lash line.

That being said, it's always oh-so-alluring when you see an artful blend of varying shades on someone's eyelids, like Camilla Belle.

"If you look closely you'll notice that her her bottom lash line starts out a dark metallic gray on the outer eye and gradually fades to a bright, shimmery silver towards the tear duct," Glamour.com points out. "The effect really opens up her eyes and makes them seem even whiter and bigger."

This goes for virtually any two (or three)-toned shadow look and is the basis behind most smokey-eyed looks. There's usually a base color and a darker shade that's worked into the crease, as well as a light, highlighting hue that's sometimes applied to the browbone and the lower lash line.

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