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Properly applying liquid eyeliners to create a bold, beautiful look

properly+applying+liquid+eyeliners+to+create+a+bold+beautiful+look_3356_800703529_0_0_7023445_300If you've seen a liquid eyeliner tutorial and you have learned several tips over years of using the product, you might think you know everything about wearing it. However, if you think your liquid eyeliners could be doing more to heighten your natural beauty, you might be doing it all wrong!

There are a couple of liquid eyeliner tips you can take into consideration to make sure you apply it flawlessly every time. First, it's important to remember that you should never use liquid eyeliners on your bottom eyelid. This makeup is best used on the top lid to get the full effect - stick with a pencil on the bottom if you want further definition.

Try to apply liquid eyeliners as close to the lash line as possible, rather than using too much in an attempt to go bold. Over-application can make you look tacky and inappropriate in a formal setting.

Finally, don't skimp out and use a cheap liquid eyeliner to try to get the job done. Trust blinc's liquid eyeliners to make you look fabulous and flawless every day. This eyeliner is composed of a formula that won't run or smudge, giving you peace of mind.