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Rachel McAdams creates a stunning not-so-smoky eye look

rachel+mcadams+creates+a+stunning+not+so+smoky+eye+look_3356_800702455_0_0_14047996_300The smoky eye look has been a mainstay on red carpets all around the world, but the style can be difficult for ladies to pull off without a lot of practice. As a result, fashionistas and celebrities alike have begun to sport subdued versions of the style that allow them to wear their favorite liquid eyeliner and skip some of the dark eyeshadow, according to Glamour.com.

McAdams started by applying tube mascara to her upper and lower lash lines to give her lashes additional volume and presence in her look. Additionally, she used a soft touch of liquid eyeliner to line the perimeter around her eyes and create more visual interest. She then used a bit of foundation on her cheeks to give her skin a fresh and dewy glow.

What really caught the attention of best-dressed lists and fashion blogs was McAdams' choice of lip color. The bright tangerine hue was unmistakably the focal point of her ensemble, combining beautifully with her baby blue cocktail dress.

A bright lip color is a chic choice for the spring, but the proportions of your makeup are even more important. Finding the right balance between the strength of your color choices and their volume can help you craft a stunning outfit.