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Should your eyebrow color match your hair?

Dying your locks is one way to revamp your look without having to spend a fortune, but many ladies get caught up on whether or not to alter their eyebrow color.

According to Eyebrowz.com, a good rule of thumb is to keep your brows within one or two shades of your hair color. This will ensure that they're still doing their job of subtly framing your face without being too jarring or minimal.

Hair color changes should follow a similar rule, sticking to shades that are only a couple of levels farther from your natural color. This will ensure that the color looks natural, not like the flavor of the week. As a result, you might not need to color your brows at all.

However, if you're going for a big change, like from brunette to blond or blond to black, your brows should be dyed to match. If you went darker, blinc's eyebrow mousse could be all you need to make your brows match your new tresses.

The eyebrow color gives your brows water-resistant moisturization that will also provide anti-aging benefits to the skin underneath. Sparse areas will be filled in, and your brows will look perfect all day long.