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Summer solutions to eyeshadow mishaps

summer+solutions+to+eyeshadow+mishaps_3356_800528432_0_0_7042658_300You're rushing to work (or whatever other enviable event you've got on your social calendar), you successfully navigate throngs of people and crowded, sweltering subway tunnels and finally arrive at your destination only to realize your eye makeup is a total disaster. Sound familiar?

Fortunately, there's no unwritten rule that says you have to be a slave to summer makeup mishaps. With a bit of guided insight and careful strategizing, you, too, can be the picture of balmy summer goddess perfection.

"If you're brave enough to dabble in eye makeup, stick to hues or gold, ivory and light gray which are less likely to become horrific if they shift out of place," Ology.com recommends.

While light, fail-proof hues are always a safe bet, you shouldn't have to sacrifice your favorite bold shadows - and you won't, given you've got blinc Eyeshadow Phase One in your arsenal. This patented formula works as an ideal base for any and all of your eye makeup looks and works to prevent creasing and smearing throughout the day.