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The legendary brows of Megan Fox

Megan Fox seems to always look stunning, perhaps because of her artfully maintained eyebrows.

At the Toronto premiere of her new movie, Passion Play, Fox lit up the scene with an earthy glow, firebomb red lipstick and a cascade of natural waves. Holding the look together, of course, were her dark, perfectly manicured brows.

The brunette bombshell was blessed with naturally full arches (and a top celebrity makeup artist). For anyone that was ever tweezer-happy before, Fox's thick arches show us all the amazing benefits of letting our brows grow in thick.

If you're not so well endowed, you need not worry - there are products available to help achieve the appearance of fuller brows. After tweezing stray hairs, blinc Eyebrow Mousse can create thicker-looking arches. The mousse, which comes in a wide variety of colors, is a long-lasting color formula that boasts anti-aging properties for the skin beneath the brows.

When emphasizing your eyebrows, however, remember not to go too heavy on additional eye makeup. Strong brows look best when they aren't surrounded by a plethora of pigments!