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Think before you tweeze

We know, we know - sometimes you're desperate for a change, and it's all too tempting to tweak your arches with a nip here and there to instantly open up your gaze. But if this were a fail-proof strategy, would there really be a prevailing cliche of the startled stare, the ghostly surprise or the overplucked hen?

BellaSugar.com lists brow tweezing as one of the top 10 beauty moves that should be weighed carefully before committing.

"Put down the tweezers," the website commands. "Best-case scenario, you look okay. Worst-case scenario, you damage your eyebrows and they never grow back or come back all patchy. Go see a professional."

For those considering a more stream-lined visage, consider this - thick, natural-looking brows have never been more of a hot-ticket item than they are today, so would you really want to throw away that bold goodness, especially considering how many women would die to have their natural brows back?

If you hail from this last category, not all hope is lost. There are better fixes than eyebrow pencils - specifically, we're referring to blinc Eyebrow Mousse. The patented formula lends color and volume to sparse-looking brows in a unique long-lasting mousse formula that will excel at battling all of the day's stresses.