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Tint your eyebrows to match your hair color

While much attention is often paid to eyebrow shape, it seems that brow color is sometimes ignored. However, the hue of your arches may be just as important to consider, especially for women who dye their hair.

According to Glamour.com, many beauty experts live by the rule that if you color your locks, you should tint your brows so that "the two are within at least a couple shades of one another."

A fantastic example of this is Emma Stone, who recently told Britain's The Independent that she dyed her blonde hair auburn so that she wouldn't be typecast as a cheerleader-type. And, as anybody who has seen the up-and-coming starlet, Stone's brows match her dark-colored strands.

But women with more extreme hair colors shouldn't worry as much about matching when determining the hue of their brows, instead focusing more on the overall appearance of their face.

While ska superstar Gwen Stefani sports platinum strands, her brows are considerably darker, which we think is a wise decision. Her arches are dark enough to frame her face but light enough to serve as a natural complement to her blonde locks.

Gals who dye their hair can use an eyebrow mousse to tint their arches to complement their color-treated locks.