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Tweaking your liquid eyeliner routine to create a fresh look

You might think you already know all of the liquid eyeliner tips out there, but if your look has been a little flat lately, you might want to re-think how you put on your liquid eyeliners. If you've had the same routine for years and it isn't helping you give your eyes a bold look, you may need to tweak your method.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when applying liquid eyeliners that can help you get that glamorous appearance in minutes. First, UnleashedBeauty.com notes that you should always apply small amounts, then gradually add more as your look comes together. Remember this rule of thumb - it can be difficult to remove liquid eyeliner once it's on, so start off small.

Next, you might want to get closer to the mirror in order to perfect your appearance. Tilt your head up as you're applying liquid eyeliner to make sure you're rounding off the edges of your eyes to your liking.

Finally, don't shy away from colored liquid eyeliners. They can help you create a bold, unique look for a fun weekend or hot date. These tips can help you revamp your makeup routine and give you a fresh appearance.