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Vanessa Hudgens and the technicolor dream eyeshadow

What's blue, green and yellow all over? Vanessa Hudgens on her 22nd birthday, of course.

The starlet rocked dreamy multi-colored eye makeup that was hard to pin down as it changed beneath the light. To get this ambiguous look, Vanessa swept a shimmery blue-green shadow on both of her lids and lined the inner corners of her eyes with a gold pigment, creating a holographic effect that seemed to change colors in the light.

She paired the look with a strong, bold brow and a pair of soft, dark lashes, keeping her lips and cheeks youthfully natural.

To rock rainbow lids like Vanessa, sweep at least two contrasting eyeshadow shades over your lids and allow them to overlap - the blending will create a multi-colored effect. To finish, lend color and fullness to your brow with blinc Eyebrow Mousse. The mousse will restore shape to even the sparsest brows.