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Wearing brown liquid eyeliner can help you create a casual look

When it comes to liquid eyeliner, many people assume that you always have to wear black in order to create a dramatic look. While it's true that black can create a bold appearance, brown liquid eyeliner can yield positive results as well. If you're unsure of when to sport brown eyeliner, take the following situations into consideration.

At the office

Sometimes, black is a little too overbearing for the workplace. Instead of going without liquid eyeliner altogether, opt for brown instead. This can give your eyes more definition and help you make a good impression.

At the grocery store

Many women choose to go without makeup altogether while running errands, but a little brown liquid eyeliner isn't going overboard! This can give you a look that you won't be embarrassed by if you run into someone you know at the store.

At lunch with friends

While black liquid eyeliners might be suitable for evening dates, brown is perfect for get-togethers in the daylight. Whether it's with friends or a special someone, brown eyeliner can help you create a casual look.