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Would you match your eye shadow to your hair?

In light of our recent exploration of all the ways one can complement her irises through the strategic pairing of eyeshadow colors, we're wondering how many of you ever think to match or contrast it to your hair color.

For blondes, this would mean going for shimmery golds, taupe or champagne shadows - and if you're anything like Lady Gaga, maybe neon yellow every now and then. Brunettes would dazzle in burnt umber, cofffee or chocolate tones, while redheads could have a little fun with crimson, burgundy and berry shades.

For those who are turned off the idea of being too matchy-matchy, you can apply the same principle of contrasting your eye color and go for shadows that are totally opposite the hue of your luscious tresses. That means blondes might zing in black or blue shadows, redheads would do it up in all hues of greens, and brunettes may have a bit more open-ended approach, going for everything from white, frosty hues to maybe lavender or pink.

No matter what you choose to go with, blinc Eyeshadow Phase One will be behind every choice you make, ensuring that your color stays long and fast.