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A liquid eyeliner pen and lash curler can prep you for a friend's wedding

a+liquid+eyeliner+pen+and+lash+curler+can+prep+you+for+a+friend+s+wedding_3356_800681743_0_0_14007323_300If you've recently been invited to a friend's wedding, you're likely fretting over what to wear. You might not be one of the bridesmaids, but that doesn't mean people won't be noticing what you're wearing. After all, you're a friend of the bride!

When choosing an ensemble for the big day, it's important to go by the old saying - don't wear white. The bride will more than likely be wearing a lovely shade of white when she walks down the aisle, and you don't want to steal attention from her.

If you haven't seen the bride in a while, you might be nervous to become re-acquainted, especially if years have passed. However, there are a couple of ways you can make sure that you make a good impression.

First, go light on the makeup. Use the liquid eyeliner pen from blinc for a sharp, bold look that will keep her focused on your face without being too distracting. Think about using a lash curler as well to give your lashes some much-needed volume. These tips can make sure you're one of the bride's most beautiful friends at the event.