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Add lash primer to your nighttime beauty regimen

You probably know that your body needs rest to rejuvenate itself and prepare for another active day. Your skin is no different - it takes advantage of the time you spend sleeping by working to increase cell turnover and repair any damage. As a result, most beauty treatments work best at night, and lash primer is no exception.

Lash primer can not only offer you a great base to work with for your mascara, but it can give you moisturized, conditioned and strong lashes. You won't have to worry about damaging your eyelashes with rubbing, curling or exposure to the elements. It even works great to hydrate your eyebrows and keep them healthy.

Before you go to bed, take your time brushing your teeth, washing your face and applying your nighttime skin cream. Afterwards, coat your lashes and eyebrows with blinc lash primer, then wait 30 seconds for it to dry. You may want to repeat with another coat. You'll wake up with gorgeous lashes that are ready to endure a full day's activities.