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Arabian eye makeup

arabian+eyes_3356_800211457_0_0_7072693_300Arabian eyes are the pride of Arab women worldwide. Because the ladies have had to conceal their faces for cultural and religious reasons, they have focused much of their efforts toward the beautification of their eyes using heavy kohl, eyeliner and lots of mascara.

In the land of the deserts, women in Arabia wore face-coverings in order to protect their faces from the sun's harsh rays. Soon after, with the advent of Islam, the religion encouraged ladies to be modest in their garments. Many people of the era took this advice to heart and began to use what is called a niqab - a veil which only reveals a woman's eyes to society. It was due to these factors that women began to use kohl, a thick, black substance, to line their eyes.

Today, women attending weddings and parties still use kohl but have added to it a pure black eyeshadow which is smudged around the eyes to create a heavy, smoky eye look.

In order to achieve the look, the women start with a foundation that is typically one shade lighter than their natural skin tone. They then apply a black eyeshadow and blend it, often with many colors, around their eyelids. Eyeliner is commonly placed on top of the shadow in order to heighten intensity right around the eyes.

To complete the dark eye look, women apply a thick layer of mascara to lengthen their lashes to the maximum.