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Bat a lash on your next date

bat+a+lash+on+your+next+date_3356_800278221_0_0_7077678_300Arguably, your lashes are your deadliest weapon when it comes to charming the socks off your date. In any case, it's never a bad idea to give them a little extra TLC before you head out.

Rather than frustrate yourself with tricky false lashes, why not just pile on the mascara?

For a falsie look that's a little more realistic, Glamour.com recommends thickening up your lashes by dusting them with some translucent powder before applying your favorite mascara. To finish, brush with a lash comb if you need to work out some clumps. According to the news source, "they'll look almost fake (in a good way)."

For the ultimate in holding power, try blinc Mascara. Its long-lasting, tubing formula will bind to lashes gently, encasing them in small tubes that stay looking great all day and come off easily with just some warm water and gentle rubbing. And if you're caught in the rain? The mascara is water-resistant, meaning it won't run, flake or smudge no matter what the day's forecast is.