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Be gentle with your lashes

be+gentle+with+your+lashes_3356_800264981_0_0_7075480_300Some want long, some want luscious, some want spidery and some want a full, feathery fringe. We place a lot of demands on our mascara, and rightly so - today's technology makes it possible for mascara to multi-task, meaning we no longer have to settle for any one-trick pony.

Unfortunately, some women experience unwanted effects when using their favorite formula. Some products tend to clump or smudge, and more than a few gals find their lashes falling out on occasion.

"Many times, a loss of lashes...[can] mean that you are scrubbing at your eyes a little too harshly when trying to remove makeup that you've applied a little too thickly," reports TruthInAging.com. According to the website, breakage may also be the result of the stiffening effect of many mascaras.

Instead of giving up on mascara, ladies may want to try blinc Mascara, which can solve some of these issues. The formula encases each lash in miniature tubes that come off easily with warm water and gentle pressure - no need for harsh scrubbing. The mascara is ideal for sensitive eyes, as it's been clinically tested for non-irritating ingredients. Thanks to the water-resistant formula, your mascara should go on looking good as new without flaking or smudging throughout the day.