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Beach makeup: how to look good without piling on product

If you're going on vacation or simply want to get a head start on your summer beauty routine, you're going to need some makeup that's beach-appropriate. According to Allure Magazine, a face-full of makeup simply looks weird by the water, so the key is to go minimal with long-lasting cosmetics.

As always, start out with a great waterproof sunblock, which will protect your skin from the sun's harsh rays and prevent the dreaded lobster face. If you absolutely need a bit of coverage, mix a bit of liquid foundation with the product for a sheer effect that still masks blemishes.

Instead of lipstick or gloss, which can fade off and stick to your hair, apply a long-lasting lip stain for a berry-hued pout. As for your eyes, a bit of blinc's tube mascara is all you need for a lengthening, defining effect that won't smudge or run - even if you decide to go for an underwater swim. For brows, use the eyebrow mousse to give them a hint of tint that will frame your eyes beautifully and provide a lasting look. That's all you need to look gorgeous on the sand!