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Being a lipstick lady doesn't rule out sexy lashes

being+a+lipstick+lady+doesn+t+rule+out+sexy+lashes_3356_800532325_0_0_7042688_300Not that you have to define yourself one way or the other, but many women carry a preference for the facial feature they love to emphasize best. Some ladies layer on the smoldering shadow on a day-to-day basis while others keep their eye makeup simple in lieu of a bold, bright pout.

There's nothing more classy-looking than a pair of red lips paired with minimal eye makeup, but even if you tend to gravitate toward the lippy, you don't have to leave out gorgeous-looking lashes just to keep your overall look in balance. Soft, shimmery shadow paired with a couple feathery coats of mascara will be just the ticket to keep your mug looking polished and just understated enough.

Of course, the goal here is soft and natural-looking, not flaky and smudgy. Enlist the aid of blinc Mascara for its high-performance budge-proof water-resistant formula. The unique tubing formula binds to lashes to resist all forms of weather and wear.