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Blinc Trivia: Bridal makeup trends may well follow Kate's lead

blinc+trivia+bridal+makeup+trends+may+well+follow+kate+s+lead_3356_800491349_0_0_14010623_300Everyone's been dishing about the impact Kate Middleton's dress will have on bridal trends for years to come, but how many people have really wondered how her wedding makeup will influence future brides-to-be?

Well, the world's been talking about the fact that Miss Middleton is opting to do her own makeup for the big day (honestly though, what's the big deal?), and according to Us Weekly, the future princess was spotted at the makeup counter recently, presumably shopping for the wedding.

"Kate bought eye makeup and basics that were a shade darker than she usually uses in the winter," a source told the news site. "Something better suited to a tan."

Kate is normally seen wearing basic dark brown or black eyeliner without too much extra fuss, but we're wondering if this means she'll go a shade more intense and opt for a dramatic smokey eye?

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