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Blinc Trivia: Foolproof makeup your boyfriend can practice on you with

blinc+trivia+foolproof+makeup+your+boyfriend+can+practice+on+you+with_3356_800489493_0_0_7018792_300We're sure most of you would rather give your mascara wand to a three-year-old than allow your boyfriend or husband to doll you up, but apparently, it's not a totally uncommon practice in the big wide world out there.

Dana Oliver of StyleList.com trolled the internet enough to find out that that there's more than one video of ladies getting the cosmetic treatment by their beaus. Given that this may be hard to resist for some of you, we thought we'd offer some helpful tips in terms of some (relatively) goofproof products he can practice with.

According to Oliver, it's not unheard of for men to intuitively grasp the dark-circle banishing effects of concealer, so don't be afraid to let him dab on some corrector. We'd maybe keep the liquid foundation on hold, but a pressed powder is hard to mess up, as are blushes that don't stray too far from your natural skin tone.

As for shadows, stick to light, shimmery colors that can be applied haphazardly. Skip the liner (unless you're brave), and stick to a high performance product such as blinc Mascara that will resist flaking and smudging. Plus, he'll have that much more fun watching the unique tubing formula bind to your lashes.

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