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Blinc Trivia: Protect yourself against springtime smudges

blinc+trivia+protect+yourself+against+springtime+smudges_3356_800471488_0_0_7042660_300The onset of warmer weather is always an exciting time, but unbeknownst to some, it can also signal the beginning of a few unwanted side effects.

"When the weather gets warmer, mascara can wilt, flake, or smudge way quicker, especially on your lower lashes," ABC affiliate WLS-TV reports.

So what's a gal to do? Skipping the mascara is probably off the table, as this is one of those essential beauty items that almost anyone will make sure they apply before they leave the house. Perhaps it's time to update what's in your cosmetic bag.

If you need a recommendation, blinc Mascara has a high-performance formula that uses revolutionary technology to give you budge-proof hold. Resistant to flaking, running and smudging, the tubing formula encases lashes in miniature tubes rather than going on as a paint, so you get optimum length and volume that'll stay true, rain or shine.

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