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Blinc Trivia: When to break out the lash enhancer (and when to stick to plain old mascara)

blinc+trivia+when+to+break+out+the+lash+enhancer+and+when+to+stick+to+plain+old+mascara_3356_800470686_0_0_14005342_300There comes a moment in every woman's life when she must look at herself in the mirror and really ask - am I doing everything I can to keep my lashes full, healthy and majorly sexy?

What this situation boils down to is whether or not you can benefit most from mascara, lash enhancer or perhaps a combination of both.

On one hand, mascara has been a loyal helper in many a woman's makeup bag since who knows when, but try as we might, there are some of us who just need a little something more. If even the most high-performance mascara can't get you the fringe you crave, blinc Long Lash may be the item for you.

Long Lash is a gentle yet effective formula that you can apply twice a day, with results likely to show up in just two to four weeks. Best of all, it won't cause discoloration or irritation, a major draw-back of other leading brands. This is the perfect solution for women who generally like to leave the house without makeup, though when combined with blinc Mascara, you can count on having the most phenomenal lashes around.

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