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Blinc Trivia: When your lashes can't seem to get enough

blinc+trivia+when+your+lashes+can+t+seem+to+get+enough_3356_800505513_0_0_7065362_300For some makeup mavens out there, no mascara can ever truly be enough. Some ladies fantasize about owning a set of Kardashian lashes, and it's a big wonder to most of the world how she manages to get that impossibly full fringe.

It could be those Armenian genes, but for the rest of us, there's always a bit of cosmetic therapy. Even if we weren't blessed with naturally thick lashes, there are products on the market to help us enhance the look of our natural fringe, even before we layer on the mascara.

Thanks to blinc Lash Primer, there's an easy solution that's waiting to fall into your hands. The Lash Primer creates an excellent base for your mascara by boosting the thickness and length of your fringe in a simple preliminary sweep as you begin your eye makeup routine.

Once you're prepped and ready, go ahead and pile on the blinc Mascara. The patented formula encases lashes in miniature tubes, creating Hollywood-level length and fullness with little to no chance of flaking, running or smudging.

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